I told a little bit of information on the leech.  Now here’s some background info on him, that some people may find interesting.  I had a very extensive background check done on him. 

This is only some of the lies that he likes to tell people.

That he is an alumnus of Ohio State.  Well, Ohio State has never heard of him and they have no record of him ever attending the college.  And neither has Berkley.  Oh and if he tries to say it was Miami University, not the other two, they haven’t heard of him either.  To be honest he quit school in the eighth grade.  He never attended any college, let alone graduated from one.  The only thing he has done, is read a lot.  He thinks he is the only smart person in the world and everybody else is stupid.  He said that a lot.  He has also been known to print degrees off the computer and pass them off as his own. 

All you real military vets will like this one.  He claims to be an army vet,  101st Airborne to be exact.  Well, he did take basic training, but he couldn’t handle it and got himself kicked out about halfway through.

When his grandfather passes away, he will own a whole town in Kentucky.  Let’s see now what town is it: Owensboro, Owenton, or Owensville.  Ah hell, I don’t remember, it changes every time he tells it.  Well, the truth is Grandpa use to own some land in Kentucky, but he sold it a long time ago.  And if he talks about his other Grandpa, that property was sold a very long time ago too.

Well that is some of the ones that I remember, but basically everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.  You know what I’m talking about, the check is always in the mail.

He also finds someone else to blame, if his work doesn’t do what he tells his clients it will.  He will also tell them that he sent the information with his last email as an attachment and doesn’t actually send it.

The next part will be about his police record, which involves several states.