Well, let’s start with the no good, lyin’, cheatin’, back stabin’, no job havin’, inconsiderate, no teeth, leech that was livin’ off of me for the past eight years. 

Yeh, he may have had a job a couple times during that eight years, but it would only last about six months max, if that long.  He couldn’t hold a job longer than that, because his clients would find out that he was lyin’ his ass off about what he could do.  (He lost us a house with 30 acres that had horses, donkeys, chickens, and goats.  All because of his lies.)  Or he would work up a bid on a site and tell the people what they wanted to hear, talkin’ and emailin’ them all the time.  Then he would ask for half the money up front, give them  just enough to make them think he was doin’ something.  Then he would stop answering their emails and their phone calls. 

Does he sound familiar yet?  Well I have more to tell, maybe he will by the end of this.

In his field, they call him a guru, but all he is, is a fraud.  He reads other peoples work and research, then he changes a couple of things and he passes it off as his own.  He talks a really good game, but all he is after is the money.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  And he doesn’t care who he has to hurt or what lies he has to tell to get it. 

And the part about he doesn’t care who he hurts to get what he wants, let me tell you about that.  Like I said earlier, we were together for eight years.  Come to find out he was cheating on me the whole time, and I believed his lies.  That is just how good a liar he is.  He tore apart two families and I mean tore them apart.  He left my two kids and me homeless, with no place to go.  Didn’t even care, that we had no place to go (He was actually laughing when he left).  He didn’t pay the rent for about six months before he left.  Didn’t find out that little piece of info til my landlord stopped by.  He said that he paid it.  Turns out that he used the money for our rent to rent a house with a two timing sl*t, that did the same thing to her husband.  Her husband was a friend of his that gave him, me, and my two kids a place to live for two years, when I was off work with two shoulder surgeries.  Come to find out they were cheating on us with each other the whole time.  The leech finally convinced the sl*t to leave her husband and to make her husband sell their house, so the leech and the sl*t could have the money.  But it is nice to see that he has not changed.  He is now doing her the same way he did me.  All the money (12,000) from the sale of the house, they went thru in three months.  Now they are living off her check, because his checks are always in the mail.  That is a lie I heard often.  Hope she believes his lies and waits on those checks, cause they are never coming.  But he may con someone else into sending him a check, but they are very few and far between.

Oh and by the way, the friend that the leech screwed over was my brother.  My brother is a man who would give anyone the shirt off his back and not even think twice about doing it.  He would help anyone that needed it, and often does.  He treated the leech like a brother, and look what that got him. 

But one thing the leech doesn’t understand with his superior brain, is that my brothers ex-wife has been cheating on him with my brother and has been with him several times.  I guess the leech isn’t bringing in enough money for her, she goes where the money is every time. Or she has figured out that the so-called green grass she left for, was actually a leech field and she is knee-deep in it.  But I don’t feel sorry for her, she is getting exactly what she deserves.  And  he will leave her as high and dry as he left me, just as soon as he finds someone with more money and gullible enough to believe his lies and bullsh*t.

You may think this is the rantings of a scorned woman, but it isn’t.  I just feel sorry for anyone that gets involved with him or her.  And to give a warning to anyone in the internet business who hires him.

If anyone can figure out who the leech is you are more that welcome to post the name or his call sign.